LED spray paint can

One of the newer projects by French artist Aissa Logerot (who made the ironing board that flips into a mirror) is called Halo, and it's a graffiti can that sprays LED lights instead of spray paint. When the battery runs out, you have to shake the can to recharge it. A cool tool for light-writers.
[Artist's page via NotCot]

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4 Responses to LED spray paint can

  1. devophill says:

    That is so freaking cool.

  2. siescierto says:

    This rocks! I love it!

  3. jdblair says:

    These are great!

    I built something like this in 2006 for a burning man project.

    These are a much better execution.

  4. Madonna says:

    save the planet…one LED at a time!

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