Sony's new Readers: make mine the Pocket Edition

Of the two new Sony e-book readers, it's the $200 pocket-sized model that appeals to me most--assuming, of course, that it's really pocket sized.

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2 Responses to Sony's new Readers: make mine the Pocket Edition

  1. Ian Mackereth says:

    Glad to see some devices labelled as ebook readers targeting the market that PDA and iPhone etc users have always inhabited.

    The compromises for ebooks are different to those that produced the sizes of dead-tree books. It’s easier to ‘turn pages’, so they can afford to have fewer words on them.

    A pocket-sized device can be always with you for spontaneous reading, is easier to hold in one hand (much easier to read lying in bed), and can still contain a whole library of books, including an auto-lookup dictionary and other references.

  2. Havanacus says:

    I always keep my PRS-505 in my pocket… I love me some big pockets…

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