What's So "Smart" About An Automated Kitchen?

Anvil Motion is revolutionizing the kitchen:
Simply wave your hand and cabinet panels and doors rise and fall vertically with precision, concealing or revealing contents. Using a wireless touch-screen device, cabinets can also be programmed to open in unison or individually through preprogrammed scenes that customize your living space to the need at hand. In the kitchen, for example, a baking scene would open cabinets that house ovens, baking implements and standard baking ingredients.
The hand-crafted kitchen also comes with "biometric security," which means future teenagers will have to drug their parents to commandeer eyes and/or faces just to raid the liquor cabinet. Awesome. [via New Launches via Gizmodiva via Electronic House]
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12 Responses to What's So "Smart" About An Automated Kitchen?

  1. pelrun says:

    If I had kids that manage to break the security surrounding the liquor cabinet, I reckon they deserve the contents. :) There would certainly be no end of fingerprints and facial photos of myself around to use as raw material to defeat it…

    …although of course I’d also have it locked down unless my bt phone was in range, and I’d entered the appropriate code via the phone’s keypad…

  2. abhishek says:

    well i m dealing in kitchen products & is interested in your products in india so pls let me know abt the technical detail about ur product & pls also mail some rate structure abt your product & how it will be avaiable in india

    awaiting for ur earliest reply in the matter

    regards abhishek agrawal india

  3. dculberson says:

    Oh, I also love how they use “concealing or revealing contents” as if that’s something revolutionary for cabinet doors to do. Copy writer’s thought process: “Gotta think of a douchey way of describing what a door has done for the last few millennia… oooh! I got it!”

  4. Anonymous says:

    Just make sure every door has a hole to shove a paper clip into to unlock it, just in case the power goes out…

  5. Pixel says:

    So opening cabinets was too complicated and too much of a strain?

    It used to be that the only way your cabinets could “crash” involved faulty screws. Now you might need to reboot your kitchen to get to the soup bowls.

  6. Alan says:

    Yet another way to show your kids you don’t trust them.

    “Of course I love you, sweetie; I just don’t trust you.”

  7. seanpatgallagher says:

    Looks like Rudyard Kipling threw up all over the Pirates of the Caribbean.

    Tastes vary but you would think a design firm would have some taste.

    Also, what happens if the power goes out? Do you starve?


  8. Nixar says:

    Oh boy this kitchen is stupendously ugly. The lack of taste is frightening.

  9. dculberson says:

    Two thoughts:

    That is a seriously depressing kitchen. I would shuffle in, go to pour myself a rusty nail, and run out of energy and thus slink out with a tumbler full of straight bourbon.

    Power cabinet doors are the epitome of complicating a simple process. “Waving your hand” is just as much work as “opening the door” and the latter doesn’t require you to stand there and wait as the piece of crap whines its way about. Count me as an official Automated Kitchen Curmudgeon.

    But please do put soft closers on my cabinet doors. I hate the thwack-thwack of cabinet doors slamming shut one after another.

  10. Hanglyman says:

    I actually kind of like the dark wood. But ugh, all that yellow… and the tan diamond floor… and why is that central island covered in powdered sugar??

  11. SMax says:

    See, I think this is a cool concept. I’m always looking for ways, as an architect, to help differentiate my more exclusive clients from their friends and neighbors. And believe me, this will.

    Biometric security is just one more selling point that the richy rich will go gaga for. Fingerprints? Totally CSI.

  12. Rob says:

    Did you check out their website? I have to say that I have always wanted a kitchen like this. Being BBG readers I assume none of you would jump at the opportunity to have a few more gadgets in the kitchen.

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