Camp Stove Burn Wood, Fire Make Hot

GearJunkie has the goods on the StoveTec, a small wood-burning cook top that costs $35 and would make a caveman proud:
Aprovecho has created a simple wood-burning stove with a clay elbow that focuses the heat and fire in the combustion chamber directly toward a cooking pot. According to the organization, this setup dramatically reduces fuel consumption compared to open fires used for cooking by millions around the planet... With its success in the humanitarian realm, StoveTec has made an unlikely expansion into the consumer camping market... I tested the StoveTec GreenFire One Door stove. It has the same type of efficient combustion chamber as on the humanitarian stoves though with a handle, metal case walls, and a painted exterior finish. It comes with a pot skirt to focus flame heat and a stick support shelf where the wood sits. It is heavy and not very portable. It does not have the jet-like flame output of a canister stove. But in my test, the GreenFire proved to be easy to use and efficient, requiring just a few small pieces of wood to boil water or cook a meal in a pot.
Here's a thorough demo of the two-door model:
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9 Responses to Camp Stove Burn Wood, Fire Make Hot

  1. karrock says:


    Where the heck do you get $125?? If you go to StoveTec’s website, you’ll see they’re sold for $5-$12 per stove in bulk, depending on type (bare ceramic, one door, two door) and quantity. Even with the $1 adjustment for shipping cost, one of these stoves should be less than $15 unless the reseller is gouging for profits.

    It’s only the non-third world consumer version that costs $35, still a far cry from your claimed $125.

  2. This another cool post!
    This really able to introduce another way of having an alternative way to save money from using electric stoves and make use of this on important places such as camping sites.

  3. Harrkev says:

    This is a fancy version of a “rocket stove” which is usually made out of a 1-gallon paint bucket for MUCH less than $35. A little googling should return some DIY instructions.

  4. wsst1000 says:

    I think it is misleading to imply that homemade rocket stoves are dangerous. Part of the movement to spread replace open fires with rocket stoves involves empowering people to take care of themselves without needing the charity of the first world.

  5. hostwisely1 says:

    This is really a great invention.
    This seems to be so interesting!
    This kind of stove are so handy to carry anywhere and very easy to use.

  6. Ben West says:

    Harkkev – You raise a good point, but when wanting to assure that you are creating the most efficient and clean stove testing and proper engineering are very important. The StoveTec stoves are all tested and go through quality control to be sure that they provide the best health and environmental return that we know how to produce.

    Anyway, I am definitely a fan of the DIY stuff, but when a stove could potentially be much worse than an open fire, a tested stove could be a good alternative.

  7. wsst1000 says:

    You can even make a primitive and temporary rocket stove from plain bricks without mortar. Still rocket stoves, even commercial ones, are less damaging to the environment than cooking campfires. I hope ones such as this catch on. Buying one is certainly easier than assembling one yourself.

  8. abaneyone says:

    I agree with #1 and #4. I really like the stove. But the harsh reality is that half the world can’t afford the US $125 to buy the unit! If people can’t buy it it won’t get used, regardless of how great and efficient in is. Therefore, people will make their own version of it, the basic rocket stove design.

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