French postal service ad turns a MacBook into a spaceship

In this delightful French TV ad for La Poste, France's national postal service, a man demonstrates the process of mailing a letter online. He reads the instructions, clicks on "send via computer," and then, to his surprise, the computer turns into a spaceship and flies out the window. The simplicity of the concept and the way it's materialized is just great, a rarity in a world full of over-processed commercials. ["Transformers" ad for La Poste via]

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8 Responses to French postal service ad turns a MacBook into a spaceship

  1. _rem says:

    if only the french postal service was that easy…

    Endless queueing, cripple website, angry employees, lazy desk people,…

    it’s getting better but still.

  2. IWood says:

    “I had OTHER work to do today, you know.”

  3. ShaneAH says:

    Surely the company who made the excellent Citroen ad with the dancing transformer? Someone out there knows!

  4. ShaneAH says:

    HTML tags for style obviously, not substance. Anyone know how to embed links?

  5. ZiggyTek says:

    haha this is pretty awesome. i did see the dancing transformers, which were hilarious. This is a pretty cool ad too.

  6. Brendan says:

    Huh- looks a little like the ‘great fox’ ship from the Star fox series:

  7. jack says:

    Nice! Now we need a Brown airship for UPS!

  8. Grimmbone says:

    I love that the thrusters leave little scorch-marks on the desk. Very cute.

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