Internet addiction camp inmates wave signs pleading for help

Handwritten paper signs like these, with words like "SOS" and "Beatings!" on them, were seen floating out of second-story windows at Internet addiction camps in China when a local paper went to further investigate after the recent beating death of a teenaged camper inmate. Shortly after these signs were waved, though, the kids were apparently stopped by the instructors, and we can only imagine what happened after that. I wonder if there's something Internet "addicts" in the US can do to help put an end to these horrific camps. Infiltrate the Great Firewall of China, maybe, and send cryptic revolutionary messages using chat rooms and Google Translate. [via Shanghaiist]

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6 Responses to Internet addiction camp inmates wave signs pleading for help

  1. daev says:

    WTF? I mean, seriously, WTF?

    If this were somewhere in the civilized world, I’d be thinking prank. But we’re talking China, where not being a Loyal Party Member is tantamount to crime.

    Anyone wanna explain to me why we buy Chinese goods? Wait, I know that one. They’re cheap. So cheap in fact, that no-one else can compete.

    What a sad state of affairs.

  2. ZiggyTek says:

    This just makes me really sad. Wasn’t these camps shut down by the chinese government after that kid was beaten to death last week? Man the things that are going on in China. There needs to be some activism don, these kids are going to kill themselves if they don’t get any help.

  3. teapot says:

    I am tired of seeing this crap everyday in the news. It’s time to seriously consider wide-ranging economic sanctions or an embargo for Chinese goods. Not only are they unsafe, they are made with almost no environmental controls and they fund and support the a$$holes in charge there. If China wants to play on the world stage then they have to be somewhat accountable.

    I also strongly support sanctions on goods from Israel until they begin to recognise that they have to share their crappy little piece of desert with the people it was stolen from. It seems insane for the US to pour resources and military technology into Israel, whilst they go on ridiculous incursions into Gaza, f up their cities, homes and infrastructure and then expect the world to fund raise for the reconstruction.

    I can truly sympathise with the desperation of people who strap explosives to themselves – this crazy world is to blame.

  4. Michiel says:

    This calls for some serious facebook activism.

  5. David Carroll says:

    Or perhaps the Chinese people can take care of this themselves:

    From today’s Search Engine podcast:
    The Human Flesh Search Engine
    In the absence of a fair and open judicial system, Chinese Netizens have become digital vigilantes.

    Here is a text article if you prefer reading VS listening:

  6. Pantograph says:

    Don’t be too sure. Several “boot camp” style camps for unruly teens in the US are almost as bad.

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