"About as annoying to handle as a wet diaper"

Giant's latest folding bike, the Clip, is uniquely handsome. It has decent components. It folds relatively quickly/easily. It even rides smoothly. My one complaint? From my full review over at Wired.com:
The little "D" above the fork seems like a natural carrying handle when the bike is folded. Right? Well, it is -- provided you've got the hands of an 11-year-old girl. Try as we might, we simply couldn't find any comfortable way to grasp the "D."
Not a deal breaker, but worth knowing before you spend $1000. photo by Jonathan Snyder for Wired
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11 Responses to "About as annoying to handle as a wet diaper"

  1. PlushieSchwartz says:

    Hey, that’s great! I have the hands of an 11 year old girl! In a box. In a freezer in my garage.

  2. jett1972 says:

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  3. jett1972 says:

    ride bicycle is so tiring I like bus O(∩_∩)O~
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  4. huntsu says:

    I don’t get the headline.

  5. krylon says:

    Everything at my job has an annoying, impossible to hold loop built into it (I work at a non-profit sailing center; shucking around kayaks and sunfish = no fun).

    The answer for everything at my job is a bit of sailing rope made with a bowline tied into it (basically a big loop). Here you could make a loop, then get a relatively large caribiner and attach it to the impossible to carry hole. Voila! Removable shoulder strap!

  6. roxy says:

    that bike looks like a kids’ bike….

  7. Blue says:

    BBG needs those ‘flag this post’ icons like BB. So many linkspammers of late (see JETT1972 above).

  8. Mizu says:

    Um, it’s quoted from the review?

  9. huntsu says:

    #2 – Then it makes a great headline for the review. I figured it had something to the whole review, but if it was so important to the review why didn’t it get into the blog post?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Fred wrote:
    “$1k USD??? Way too much for a no name “name”. Dahons are better for less and the really killer deal is the Downtube folder – fully suspended for $0.4k USD.”

    Giant is actually a very well known, very good good quality bicycle manufacturer.

  11. fred says:

    $1k USD??? Way too much for a no name “name”. Dahons are better for less and the really killer deal is the Downtube folder – fully suspended for $0.4k USD.

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