As If Keeping Time Weren't Difficult Enough...

Everyone knows being a drummer kind of sucks. You sit in the back and watch the singer take all the credit. The guitar player's always stealing your lady (unless you're Mick Fleetwood). Your gear is HEAVY and, most importantly, no one ever wants to help you schlep it around. Created by a Russian percussionist who was — I'm guessing — tired of setting up and taking down his kit at every gig, the "Moto Drum" is pure genius. More photos at English Russia.
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5 Responses to As If Keeping Time Weren't Difficult Enough...

  1. jett1972 says:

    The guitar player’s always stealing your lady,maybe
    my girl friend can’t be stealled if you can buy her
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  2. jump says:

    Gotta love this site! Not sure how it would stand up on the highway lol. Great share!

  3. popvoid says:

    Willie Wilcox took this idea to its logical conclusion back in the seventies.

  4. strider_mt2k says:

    Reminds me of “Metalocalypse”.

  5. jdmorse says:

    What do you call a drummer with no wife and no girlfriend? Homeless.

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