Power On Self Test: Tron Legacy

James White, the brilliant designer responsible for BBG's spectral background and much else besides, created this gorgeous poster for the forthcoming movie, Tron Legacy.
This isn't official by any means, but it would certainly be a dream job to design a poster for the film, especially since they slated the mighty Daft Punk to create the score. So if anyone at Disney reads this, give me a call :)
End of Line.

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One Response to Power On Self Test: Tron Legacy

  1. bbonyx says:

    From someone who went into that theater in 1982 as a boy but came out as a man, I want to say this (like all your 80’s Atari/anything else cool inspired designs) is 100% full of WIN. Awesome job.

    I’m worried that the film will not live up to my internal hype… how can it? But it’ll be nice to drop a few quarters in the machines at Flynn’s again. ;)

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