Apple tablet details leak! Maybe.

Blam got a purported leak from an insider:
"The device, which I've held mock ups of, is going to have a 10 inch screen, and when I saw it looked just like a giant iPhone, with a black back-- although that design could change at any time."
In brief, it'll come in two editions (one for schools) be about $800, can be used as an auxiliary display for Macs, has been in development for about 5 years and prototyped since the end of 2008, and will launch for Christmas. Happy Christmas. Source [Gizmodo]

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8 Responses to Apple tablet details leak! Maybe.

  1. liz says:

    It would be so much more convenient if it came with a pen, but I doubt it will… they’d be useful for the iPhone/iPod touch, which are smaller and don’t come with one, so I can’t see the tablet having one.

  2. semiotix says:

    If these show up in real life and are, in fact, in the form factor of a “giant iPhone,” I’m going to buy one and walk around town holding it up to my ear and shouting into it.


  3. joflow says:

    I love it how Apple puts out products with features that have been widely available for YEARS and the slobbering FanNation licks it all up like it’s brand new. Sad, really.

  4. maxoid says:

    so at christmas, people will finally stop freaking out that it exists, and start complaining that it doesn’t have their pet feature so they’ll wait ’till version 2. something to look forward to, there.

    i do like the auxillary screen feature, that sounds neat.

  5. remmelt says:

    Joflow: trolling are we? Nice!

    The thing is completely unspecced so far, so claiming that its features have been available before is kind of moot. Besides, It’s not availability, it’s accessibility that counts. Apple makes stuff accessible to regular users, not just the techno-savvy. See: ipod.

  6. feedingfashionistas says:

    I swear, if this thing isn’t usable pen tablet-style, I’m going to SCREAM!

    (pet feature whine #1)

  7. Clay says:

    I can guarantee this thing’s origins are deep within the secretive confines of someone’s Photoshop workspace, but it’s starting to look more prescient, with the prominently featured “Remote” icon.

    What I’d really like to see, though, is, rather than an auxiliary display screen, a super-customizable hotkey/peripheral screen. I want an Optimus Keyboard crossed with Jazzmutant Lemur, crossed with a Tenori-On, crossed with an iPhone!

  8. danny says:

    I have heard a rumour that the trash collector Rob Shoesmith’s Problem Halved is going to release another app very soon. Am looking forward to seeing whether this is true. Been following him on twitter @shoesmith81

    Seems like a very genuine guy.

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