Toshiba Unleashing Biggest Memory Card EVER

toshiba card.jpg
64GB!!! Some hyperbolic highlights from the press release:
world's first 64GB1 SDXC Memory Card... capable of operating at the world's fastest data transfer rate3 for reading and writing to a flash memory card... world's first memory cards compliant with the SD Memory Card Standard Version 3.00, UHS104, which brings a new level of ultra-fast read and write speeds to NAND flash based memory cards: a maximum write speed of 35MB4 per second, and a read speed of 60MB per second... with these cards, it will be possible to download a 2.4GB video in only 70 seconds.
Available spring 2010. [via Gadgetwise]
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4 Responses to Toshiba Unleashing Biggest Memory Card EVER

  1. ra says:

    2011: 128 gb
    2012: 256 gb
    2013: 512 gb
    2014: 1 tb
    2015: 2 tb
    2016: 4 tb
    2018: 8 tb
    2019: 16 tb
    2020: 32 tb
    2021: 64 tb

    You get the point.

  2. phisrow says:

    Conveniently, between SDXC being a new, revised format(allowing us to reprise the delightful confusion of “Is this SD reader SDHC compatible or not?”) and the SDXC native format being exFAT(MS proprietary, native support only in Vista, 7, and late revisions of CE, downloadable for XP, everybody else can suck it), I probably won’t be able to download anything at all…

  3. Czapek says:

    Gimme, gimme, gimme!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Mycroft says:

    At this point, I refuse to believe that SD cards aren’t magic.

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