Bluetooth speaker shaped like a bird cage

This wireless speaker system by Japanese design studio Nendo is shaped like a bird cage and plays music via Bluetooth from any computer or cell phone. It can hang from a ceiling or sit on a table. Nendo's main page [via Dezeen]

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2 Responses to Bluetooth speaker shaped like a bird cage

  1. phisrow says:

    This product would be much enhanced by a light sensor and a couple of PIR detectors.

    And, of course, the undocumented habit of, when not paired with a device, and in a dark room, and not sensing movement, occasionally making a muffled sobbing sound.

    And then acting perfectly normally for a randomly selected number of days.

    And then muttering in a creepy little girl voice; but only when you aren’t in the room to catch it.

    You know you want to.

  2. remmelt says:

    Also, it’s shaped like a tampon, with the wire on the wrong end.

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