Tron-Watch '09: LED Handrails

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A concept by Croatian designer Zoran Sunjic, these LED handrails could help light dark stairways to prevent commuter spills, tumbles, or muggings. Should these handrails ever see the light of day (har), I trust they'll be available in teal or turquoise. From LED bikes to RAZR-like radar detectors, Tron-like aesthetics really are in full effect. [Toxel via Design Launches via New Launches]
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8 Responses to Tron-Watch '09: LED Handrails

  1. Tim James says:

    I have seen this sort of thing before at a night club in my home town in Hunt Beach , CA. That is not an original idea, A company named Syyncre in the USA came out with hand rails that look just like that back in the early 90’s but only theirs use neon gas in an inner tubing system that looks just like those and in the year 2000 came out with LED ones that look almost exactly like that. I am in the lighting industry and have seen this over ten years ago in an catalog that had Syyncre lighting in it and also at a local club. I know there is already a patent out on this idea / led handrail in the USA by syyncre.

    however this is a cool idea, just not original…
    The ones I had seen a while ago flashed to the music. they even had dancer poles that had blue / purple lightning like light flashing in them to the music.

  2. Me-Mo says:

    That is so cool.I wish I knew how to make/design this kind of stuff.The coolest thing I ever made was a light organ kit from radio shack.It used 1/2 a string of christmas bulbs,some old plexi-glass from a used flourscent light fixture.But those lights did dance to the music. :)

  3. mccrum says:

    These look like a lot of fun, but are unfortunately going to be impractical for most uses. The problem is the amount of contrast your eyes will have with directly viewing the source, the stairs will not appear bright enough. You’re going to end up needing more functional sources to bring the light levels up to code. Not to mention needing a place to hide all the necessary wiring and boring electrical gear.

    That said, this looks fun.

  4. dculberson says:

    Sweeeet. I bet they would use tri-color LED’s and so would have the color selectable on the fly. The fun part would be to have them pulse red in an emergency! Or have the segments “chase” in the proper direction for egress. As horrifically 70’s as these might be, I still love them.

  5. koolraap says:

    Having got a gazillion-colour LED splashback in my kitchen this would definitely be awesome. The best bit, is once your guests stop saying “wow! that is so cool” at the glowing thing, is you get to say, “Ah… now, did I mention it has a remote control?”


    Chasing lights would require more work although I’m sure it’s not too hard. My next project is hooking up the splashback to some sort of DMX controller so it can react to music at parties.

  6. Czapek says:

    @#1 I agree!!

  7. strider_mt2k says:

    I went to see that egress and all the door led me to was outside!

  8. Red B' says:

    Brilliant concept for emergency lighting in fire escapes, power failure, etc to help with, as dculberson said, egress. And Koolraap has the right idea with chasing lights to make sure you egress in the correct direction.

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