Apple Store As Audition/Office Space

This little dude Nicholi has shot dozens of lip sync videos at the 5th Avenue Apple Store. And why not? Plenty of desktops. Free wi-fi. Solid tech support. These are the same reasons model and self-marketer Isobella Jade wrote her entire memoir in the SoHo Apple Store. (Sound uncomfortable? Consider that Hemingway also wrote while standing up.) Above is Nicholi's rendition of the Black Eyed Peas' "Boom Boom Pow", and here's his take on "I Gotta Feeling." [via Abe Forman-Greenwald]
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45 Responses to Apple Store As Audition/Office Space

  1. Anonymous says:

    They’re not interacting with him, they are looking at the camera and smiling…God, you people really think this is so amazing? So amazing that you’ll buy him a computer?! Buy some food and give it to a homeless person.

  2. Peter says:

    I think this would be a good clip to illustrate how some people can really focus on what they’re doing in spite of distractions around them.

    Who says the electronic age is destroying focus and attention span?

  3. Precarious Loaf says:

    I love this. I like this kids style and I like his chutzpa. The repeated shots of background store patrons looking surly, then quizzical, then bemused is great!

  4. lisaframe says:

    oh man, these would make amazing branding commercials or Apple!! Or are we already falling for a marketing antic? Whatever the case, he’s adorable.

  5. sethaurus says:

    How gorgeously sincere

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, it’s cute until you see that his comments to other people are “u fuckin ugly” and “he gay”. Shitty little attitude, ladder shades..I think we might have the next Kanye on our hands.

  7. gruben says:

    These could make some great ads for the Apple Store.

  8. Anonymous says:

    So in other words, we’ve basically ceded the role of public libraries to Apple?

  9. das memsen says:

    fuck apple. this kid is great- use their resources for your personal expression as much as possible. let the rich people shopping for overpriced shit stare at you in amusement as you do more with your unowned mac than they ever will.

    i hope this catches on, and then apple will have to make some new stupid store policy and show the world, yet again, what a bunch of douchebags they are!

  10. anon says:

    In the second video he says this link:

  11. I think this is hilarious! Also very original. I love the shot of the girl in the background just staring in disbelief, or maybe the look on her face says ‘what a nob’, hard to tell really.

    Rob – Courtney Gloss UK

  12. tobergill says:

    Are all Apple stores this white…..

  13. Mitch says:

    That’s great. I hope they let him keep doing it. And I hope there’s no wife shopping with her boyfriend or husband shopping with his girlfriend in the store when these clips are shot.

  14. eltiochusma says:

    As someone pointed out earlier, EvangelistCharlette has this one DOWN!

  15. Lias says:

    uhh… what’s so special ’bout someone making an amateur vid in a store? If one isn’t an Apple fan that is.

  16. lrd says:

    I love this! This is how creativity leads to innovation. Think about this- some day in the future this kid or someone just like him at another Apple Store is going recall just such an experience on some late night show when he/she hits the the top.

  17. Kelly says:

    I think the kid’s got some groupies!

  18. hbl says:

    That kid is way cooler than me (even if the Black Eyed Peas are not). This definitely takes some balls. Kind of reminds me of Kanye West.

  19. Tai says:

    Hahah! This kid is dope!

  20. bloop says:

    Do you have to buy him a Mac?

    Anyway, nice try apple, you still haven’t got me!

  21. Brosef K says:

    I’ll tell you what…

    I have a challenge for Boing Boing Gadgets. I’ll donate $50 to start this off. I think we should buy this kid an iMac. Entry level iMac costs $1,200, right? That means 23 other people have to give $50. Or 57.5 people can give $20.

    Leckart, set up a PayPal account and let’s do this.

    I’m not kidding.

  22. Anonymous says:

    “What a resourceful kid. Definitely has a future as an indie film producer, if nothing else.”

    Really? I don’t understand what’s supposed to be so amazing about these videos? They’re not even edited, it’s literally just a kid lipsyncing and recording himself with photobooth, why would he have a “future as an indie film producer” and not all the other thousands of kids on youtube? Because he was in an Apple store?

    Come on…

  23. Anonymous says:

    What a resourceful kid. Definitely has a future as an indie film producer, if nothing else.

  24. Dylan says:

    i think the same virus — the best way of social media marketing

  25. dculberson says:

    Lias, where are all the videos shot using nothing but display equipment in Target? Or Walmart? That’s what’s special about it.

  26. Anthrobug says:

    I’ll donate towards him getting an iMac of his own. Please email when a pool is setup. Kid’s got balls to do this in the middle of a very public store, and he’s got a great style.

  27. therevengor says:

    Why y’all assuming he doesn’t have a mac of his own?


  28. elle says:

    Apple could use some more ads that don’t target the whitest people. Hire the kid.

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  30. chully says:

    I don’t feel like I need to help him, I think he’s doing fine as he is.

  31. Maintainer says:


    So in other words, we’ve basically ceded the role of public libraries to Apple?

    Show me a single library in the land that would allow anyone do something like this.


    Why y’all assuming he doesn’t have a mac of his own?

    Precisely what I’m thinking. The Apple store is a fantastic setting for such videos. We wouldn’t be discussing him if he lip-synced at home.

  32. ferdinandcc says:

    His family has an older computer, but no cam.

    I agree with chipping in to buying him an iMac. However, so much of what makes his vids special is the fact that it’s shot on a store computer, in a public space, surrounded by bewildered onlookers. However, I’d still chip in. Kid’s got a ton of charisma.

    I’m sure he’ll be on Ellen or something soon, though, and get a free mac.

  33. bcsizemo says:

    While it’s “cute”…I feel for the apple employees.

    God I’d hate to deal with this everyday/week…

  34. Anonymous says:

    um…it looks like he’s got a blue screen effect going on. I call BS.

  35. Brosef K says:

    >> Why y’all assuming he doesn’t have a mac of his own?

    He doesn’t. That’s established.

    Now let’s get him one. I need Boing Boing to front this because no sane person is going to send cash to my PayPal account (I wouldn’t) since no one knows me from Adam. I don’t want to quibble about whether this kid “needs” or “deserves” an iMac, or whether Mac or Windows is better for creativity. The kid’s made a choice. And Mac is no better than Windows for creativity any more than watercolor is “better” than clay. Different artist, different medium.

    Clearly, he’s picked this device as his tool of choice for expressing himself. As a consumer of entertainment, it’s worth $50 to me to help him gain more convenient access to those tools to see what his creative output will be. That $50 is not charity (for me), it’s money I would spend on DVDs, videogames, or music. I believe in supporting artists at the source, and this kid is an artist.

    Let’s do this.

  36. dippeh says:


  37. anon. says:

    Viral marketing. Was probably paid for by Apple from Day 1. If not, they’re gonna squeeze it for all it’s worth.

  38. I just saw a video on youtube that was recorded in an apple store. Only thing is this nut case needs to be banned for life from any source of audio visual equipment

  39. oppylocky says:

    respect to the kid for doing this. I mean I would love to get a heart rate monitor strapped to this kid and find out what his heart rate is. Anyways great to see a kid making the most of the apple store.

  40. Daemon says:

    More accurately, he’s using the apple store as Youtube.

  41. Primar says:

    Love the idea (if not the music :P).

    I think starting a new Apple Store Karaoke trend would be awesome. Who’s with me?

  42. Graham says:

    This makes me so happy. I see the Apple store as cold, intimidating atmosphere stocked with sterile fetishized faux-luxury technology that’s egregiously overpriced, and smarmy “genius” employees who “fix” equipment too frequently by suggesting you buy the latest thing– so, transforming that nasty temple of wasteful consumerism into a free stage for personal expression is awesome and anarchistic at its best.

  43. arkizzle / Moderator says:


    Times and indications please.

  44. Gareth says:

    erm anonymous, clearly the people in the background are interacting with him. this kid is great!

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