Contest Winner!: Fighting Space Chicken

Well, I really had no idea so many BBG readers would want to get their hands on my fighting cock bot. In the end, the winner was a reader by the name of Paul (aka Misterfricative), who won us over with a beautiful, succinct jingle. Interesting side note: Paul lives in Taiwan, where the fighting cock bot was constructed some 20 years ago. Apart from the fact his tune is fantastic, the notion of returning the bot to its homeland certainly influenced our decision. And without further adieu, here's the bot-winning song: Enjoy the cock bot, Paul. And remember, "Never let a child swallow the bullet." Of course, other BBG readers submitted some wonderful entries. Below are a few of the highlights. Thanks to everyone who entered!
"Ode To Space Cock" by Jeremy
by Alli
"I'm a first-class combat rooster livin' day by day..." — Kelly & Colleen
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5 Responses to Contest Winner!: Fighting Space Chicken

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. zuzu says:

    Is this just Astro Chicken from the Space Quest games?

  3. madzack says:

    is his name paul or peter?

  4. misterfricative says:

    Whoa! Thanks Steven! Thanks all you guys! I’m really glad you like the song.

    Steven assures me that the cock is in the mail, and when it gets here, I’ll be making a short followup video that will show our belligerent little friend doing what he does best….

    Meanwhile, please remember: don’t swallow any bullets — unless you’re a grown-up.

    PaulB aka

  5. jeremy says:

    well… i hate to lose… but i have got to give a hand to Paul for that amazing song. also amazing work by everyone else too! glad i made the finals.

    also i have more ridiculous collage work and other crap at my blog if anyone wants to see more. there is a collage link on the right side below the banner.

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