Mystery Mid looks like iTablet of 2007

Check out this Android MID, from an unidentified source. It's remarkable because it's basically the iTablet of every crap mockup you ever saw: a reminder that the real thing, when it comes, is likely to have something unexpected and new to show for its years of development. Should Apple really put out a tablet that was just a big, fat iPhone, it would now be a bit embarrassing. On the other hand, it appears that at least one manufacturer is paying way too much attention to us gadget bloggers and our cheesy speculative photoshops. Photos [Pocketables]

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4 Responses to Mystery Mid looks like iTablet of 2007

  1. Pete says:

    What happened to all those stories about the crunchpad?

  2. Christopher says:

    Um… That’s running the Android OS… But it has Apple’s style. I’m both confused and aroused.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Um… That looks like Google’s Android OS… on an device with Apple’s style. I’m both confused and aroused.

  4. Harrkev says:

    Why should Apple be embarrassed for releasing a jumbo-sized iPod as a tablet. If it is polished, it might be awesome.

    At some point, physical devices stop evolving. Have you ever seen the new and improved fork or spoon? Me neither. Sometimes, a physical object is just as good as it can be.

    To me, the iPhone and other similar devices may have reached that point. A flat slab with a display and a touch-screen is as simple as you can get, and limited only by the software and processor speed.

    What the iPhone offers that the competitors do not is polish. My wife got a Samsung Instict, and I was not envious, even though I had an old, simple “flip” phone. The user interface was rather clumsy, and there were some bugs in the software that were very annoying. So, it is not just the idea, it is how well you execute that idea.

    Note that I am NOT an Apple fanboy. The only Apple products that I own are an old Newton and the free version of Quicktime.

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