Five reasons why I like the Mountain Hardwear Napali

napali 50.png
1. It has a roll top, the kind you see on dry sacks. It's great for saving space, watertight, and easy to open and close. 2. The yellow belts on the front are great for further compression, and for strapping in a sleeping bag or tent. 3. It's named after a beautiful coast on the north shore of Kauai &mdash which is where I took this pack last month on a camping trip. 4. It's lightweight, and the mesh back panels and wide shoulder straps make it easy to carry. No sweaty back even in the Hawaii summer, at least not for me. 5. It has lots of little and big extra pockets, including two on the hip strap for gadgets. The Napali is $190. Product page [Mountain Hardwear]

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5 Responses to Five reasons why I like the Mountain Hardwear Napali

  1. Jesse says:

    Is this too big to take on a plane as a carry-on bag? I’m in search of a bag for a trip to India.

  2. Lisa Katayama says:

    I carried it on the plane, no problem.

  3. mccrum says:

    Jesse, to be on the safe side, bring along a spare heavy duty garbage bag to throw it in should you need to check it. Then make the attendant give you some tape to wrap it all up to prevent all the straps from getting caught in their machinery. I always pack a knife or Gerber or something, which they’re going to make me check, so I’ve always just checked my pack.

  4. Pete says:

    Can we get more gear posts? I like bags, and I suspect that other people like bags too.

  5. EMJ says:

    how much do the people that make these make? LOTS of sewing involved.

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