Stemglass tray for optimal wine glass portability

What's the best way to carry multiple wine glasses at once? A restaurant in Oita Prefecture in southern Japan has found a solution in the Stemglass Tray, pictured above. [Product page via TokyoMango]

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6 Responses to Stemglass tray for optimal wine glass portability


    Elegant solution to the classic problem of the inconveniently located center of gravity of multiple objects. DIY of this would be a cinch.

  2. zikman says:

    pfft. I’m a good enough food runner to be able to carry several oddly shaped wine and/or beer glasses on one tray without tipping anything

  3. Malic says:

    DIY! Too true! Make an Illustrator file out of the images from the site, send it off to to laser it out of your favorite material – done!

  4. Anonymous says:

    this undermines profession servers w/ actual talent

  5. J4rH34d says:

    It reduces the klutz moments for those who entertain @ home, but save their skillz for other venues. Should hold multiple ice cream cones well, too.

  6. Anonymous says:

    For those wanting to DIY and without access to a laser cutter- buy a standard wooden painter’s palette like this:

    Dremel out glass-holding slots. ET VOILA!

    (I’m willing to bet the the original design was at least inspired by, if hacked from, that sort of palette)

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