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musician's etiquette tip #37: never call anyone a "sound guy." call him or her the "house engineer." Link
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3 Responses to Tweet (#3414426185)

  1. grimc says:

    I like calling them “Scotty”. See: Star Trek transporter controls.

  2. technogeek says:

    Some of us don’t mind. Most of the time we get called “hey you” or ignored except when there’s a problem (if we’re doing our job right, especially in forms other than rock, you should never notice us); when a performer is courteous enough to recognize and thank us from the stage, I think that entitles them to use just about any non-offensive term that comes to hand.

    Besides, it beats the alternative of being called an unsound guy.

  3. NoahApples says:

    “BS”, says this sound guy.

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