Plantronics brings chrome, pleather to upscale BT headsets

Plantronics' fashionable BlueTooth headset joins the Jawbone and BlueAnt in trying to shed the category's "Junior Vice President of Douche" associations. Unlike the other two, however, which went for a techno look, the Discovery 975 has a leathery pad with chrome. It'll be $130 at Amazon and Best Buy.
Product Page [Plantronics]

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15 Responses to Plantronics brings chrome, pleather to upscale BT headsets

  1. Mister Eppy says:

    The case is cool on the 925 I have — gives an extra charge when you need it. Also nice just to have a carrying case — I lose mine all the time. They tend to freeze up everytime I do the vinegar rinse thing, but a hair dryer (and tweezers for the extra hair danglers) makes all the difference.

    The holy grail would be the innovative company who integrates the headset with the phone. Push a button and the headset pops out.


  2. CLAVDIVS says:

    It doesn’t matter how elagant or hideous your headset is… The only way to not look like a douche is to take it off when you don’t need it.

  3. David Smith says:

    Rob – Fix the Headline, Plantronics not Platronics

    otherwise .. pretty sweet getup .. not $130 worth .. but still.

    Ya know, there was a time when we wouldn’t have looked twice at a product that came in a nicer case and felt like the company cared about the end product.

  4. saint_al says:

    ’09 equiv of a pager.
    Haven’t yet met a user who wasn’t a tool.

  5. feedingfashionistas says:

    It always makes me laugh to see people who leave BT buds in all day. Are you THAT important, and is it THAT difficult to just pick the thing up?

    Case in point: The surly “sandwich artist” at a local Subway in San Francisco always has one in, and is often screaming in a language I can’t recognize while he puts together the sandwich. Ragewich.

    SF passed an ordinance requiring hands-free stuff for cellphones while driving. I don’t drive often, but I’ve purchased two different (cheap) models. Both were so flaky and sounded so crappy, I’ve just taken to leaving the default iPhone headset/mic combo in the car. Fine.

  6. Enochrewt says:

    #11: Ragewich. I LOLed.

    If I was going to purchase a BT headset, I’d purchase this one. It’s very pretty. And no, I wouldn’t leave it in all day.

  7. HSuser says:

    I find it interesting that people become so offensive and critical of others that use headsets. When I had a motorcycle accident I started using them because it made my life easier and now I can’t live without them. The fact of the matter is they work and are incredibly practical. Seems like allot of wasted energy spent on criticizing people who use these things. Not sure where the hostility comes from.

  8. semiotix says:

    Spiffy! It reminds me of some favorite cameras from the 60s and 70s that also married shiny metal with embedded leather.

    It’ll still be douches screaming into them in elevators and coffeeshop lines and airports, though.

  9. exhilaration says:

    I’m a Junior Vice President of Douche, you insensitive clod!

  10. Rooney says:

    Another ugly, pretentious mess for losers and middle age crisis victims to humiliate themselves with.

  11. grimc says:

    What use is the case? It’s not like douches take them out of their ears.

  12. esoteric2 says:

    Mister Eppy, I think you’re looking for the LG Decoy… though I don’t know why more phones haven’t adopted this feature, especially since the Decoy has been available for over a year.

  13. Zan says:

    The case has an extra battery to recharge the headset.

  14. HeatherB says:

    Probably just me, but the bottom picture makes me think of the old cranks for rolling down car windows.

  15. binc says:

    The perfect gift for the man who’s just won that promotion from “Junior Vice President of Douche” to – “Executive Pimp”. . .

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