Hands On w/HTC's myTouch

I dropped by Wired to talk about HTC's latest Android phone.
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7 Responses to Hands On w/HTC's myTouch

  1. UTwotz says:

    I have to agree, you kids have no clue how to properly conduct yourselves on camera with information that can help us make a real-world buying decision. I’d fire these fellows and hire someone like Morgan Webb, who can still manage to be informative while looking good.

  2. brianbotkiller says:

    that was effing stupid. Learn how to do a real review.

  3. steeef says:

    (little late to the discussion, sorry).

    That’s because it _is_ the HTC Magic, just like the G1 is the HTC Dream. T-Mobile likes to rebrand HTC’s phones, and I’m surprised they didn’t come up with one for the Hero.

    That said, where’s the iPhone 3GS competitor from HTC? Both the Magic and Hero are based on the same chip the Dream was, and it’s years old.

  4. Dean Putney says:

    Whoa, nice picture of Keepon.

  5. Eric says:

    That was a pretty lousy hands on, honestly. Aside from the improved battery life, you didn’t comment on any of the phone’s features at all. How does the Android OS (and/or downloadable apps) handle on it compared to the G1? Is the on-screen keyboard a suitable replacement for the physical keyboard of the G1, and how does it compare to the iPhone’s OSK?

    Less carrier pigeon humor, more actual info.

  6. strider_mt2k says:

    I was going to say the same thing, but frame it in a kinder, more constructive fashion.

    -just sayin’

  7. Matthew Wilkes says:

    Huh? This looks just like the HTC Magic, even the specs look the same. Why are you talking about this when shops can’t keep up with demand for the Hero?

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