Christian social networkers' accounts hacked

Remember how some schools have told students to give them their social networking passwords? Here's why that sort of thing is a bad idea: one college got hacked, the list stolen, and the students' accounts ravished with obscene uploads and status updates.

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4 Responses to Christian social networkers' accounts hacked

  1. rpaxton says:

    “ravished” – – I see what you did there.

  2. kyle says:

    the way i heard this story (as told by a 4channer) it was christian dating site that got “hacked”. they were storing email+password combos in a file called passwords.txt, and some people happened to be using the same email+password combo for a bunch of things.

  3. phisrow says:

    It sounds, in this case, like a school’s list of internal passwords was obtained, and hackers exploited the fact that most people use similar or identical passwords across multiple accounts.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ahh, there was hackings on the internet! Quick, blame the weeaboos.

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