Cigarette lighter in the shape of a cigarette

As is readily apparent, DealExtreme's $1.50 butane lighter is designed to resemble a cigarette.

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6 Responses to Cigarette lighter in the shape of a cigarette

  1. Anonymous says:

    These were common in the UK during the 70’s when I started smoking

  2. erzatsen says:

    the Riddler asked:
    3 men in a boat, with 4 cigarettes and no matches. how do they manage to smoke?
    They toss a cig overboard, which makes the boat a cigarette lighter.

  3. ernie_psylux says:

    The shape of this lighter is appropriate in that it fits in the cig pack, and only continues to work long enough to light about 20 butts before breaking.

  4. Anonymous says:

    and I’m sure it will last long enough to show all your friends and break at the right time to leave them unimpressed.

  5. se7a7n7 says:

    I would use this to smoke cigarettes that look like lighters.

  6. Tenn says:

    Uh, the radius of that flame looks perilously close to the striker. The striker on a standard Bic gets hot enough.

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