iTablet photoshop disaster

This atrocity was sent into CrunchGear. It has more.

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  1. Clay says:

    Whither the art of the fake leak?

    Once the province of artful prognosticators with a taste for industrial design, a skillful hand in Photoshop (or a 3D package, or even practical sculpture), and a puckish sense of mischief, today it has fallen to this. Hacks, pushing poorly thought-out, unoriginal ideas out of a Photoshop in which they have only the most basic compositing skills.

    Far be it from any of these fashion-followers to research, to imagine innovation, to be resourceful, to be thorough, to actually produce something people will discuss, dissect, and debate!

    Alas, such regrettable attempts as what we see here have changed the scene. The true pranksters, whose fakes were always interwoven with carefully-selected strands of believability, are drowned out by the guileless imitators. The joy of sitting back and watching the analysis across forums and blogs as an image spreads, seeing the perspective lines drawn and noise qualities sampled, is gone. All is now Photoshop, and nothing, no longer, is real.

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