1932 banana-ice cream injector patent

Someone named P. Marchio filed this patent for a "banana extractor and ice cream injector" in 1932. What a wonderful idea! Unfortunately, there's no evidence that this was ever actually made, nor is there any sign that a banana with ice cream in it will ever replace the classic banana split. [via Gizmodo]

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23 Responses to 1932 banana-ice cream injector patent

  1. Dave says:

    productized? read PRODUCED !!!! twerp.

  2. heydemann3 says:

    This exists today, from a company in Brazil. I haven’t been able to order one, even though I am a professional. I guess I need some one who can translate Portuguese.

  3. Anonymous says:

    is Cory going to get the EFF to fight to have this patent overturned and then have the banana ice-cream injector released under a Creative Commons license?

  4. Steve Schnier says:

    Why, with one of these – I COULD RULE THE WORLD!

  5. Rob Beschizza says:

    “is Cory going to get the EFF to fight to have this patent overturned and then have the banana ice-cream injector released under a Creative Commons license?”

    The patent is so old that it will have expired anyway!

  6. liatach says:

    There is a guy in Brisbane who sells banana’s piped full of different types of chocolate moose and resealed with wax. so you still get to peel the banana properly
    They are awesome, like why am I not eating one right now, awesome

  7. TJ S says:

    Is it weird, that the first thing I noticed here is the author’s impeccable penmanship?

  8. dculberson says:

    “I haven’t been able to order one, even though I am a professional.”

    I need to use that line in my life.

  9. FonHom says:

    I’d like to know how long it took before it was repurposed as a penis pump.

  10. buddy66 says:

    Two new words for me today: “productized” and “skeletalized.” BB’s a font of, um, knowledge.

  11. Semaine says:

    A variation of this did make it into production.

    Trust in Ron.

  12. Checkr says:

    “The device was never productized,”
    Productized? Lrn2English.

    “but I believe at least one working model must have been made to accompany the patent application (working models were a requirement for patenting until recently)”

    Only required through 1880.

  13. Frank W says:

    As a great sage once said, time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.

  14. SednaBoo says:

    You just had to one-up yourself didn’t you?


  15. HornCologne says:


  16. overunger says:

    Sweet Jeesus, why has this NOT been made!!!??

  17. FutureNerd says:

    “I.C. Wiener!?”

    Seriously, folks, productized is totally a word among people who, er, productize things.

    @TJ S: It very well may have been produced by a patent draftsman. Draftsmen used to do their letters and numbers by hand in prescribed styles; maybe patent illustrations had their own lettering style, it certainly looks patent-like.

  18. Piers W says:

    Nope. It’s a syringe with a handle.

  19. Gilbert Wham says:

    I might make one of these, the world needs this awesome device bringing back from the grave. You could make out like a goddamn bandit on a sunny day in the park, too.

    SSsssssshhhhh. Don’t tell the patent office though…

  20. Kerry says:

    I can see why this never caught on. The mental image is terrifying.

  21. flytch says:

    the idea seems cool… ice-cream in a chocolate covered banana :) Yuummmmmmm… but try finding constantly straight bananas (or constantly bent ones for that matter)… LOL

  22. JoshP says:

    noone else looks at that and sees caulk gun?

  23. SkullHyphy says:

    This would be great for carrying around just to be able to say “Hey, I got your banana injector right here!”

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