My Nike+ Sportband fell in the toilet

I was running with two friends on a trail by Baker Beach in San Francisco this morning when I decided to make a pit stop at a nearby parking lot. I was wearing the new Nike+ Sportband, which has proved itself to be a great tool when running with friends because I can track my mileage without lugging my Nano around. Then tragedy struck: I dropped the Sportband link &mdash the part that holds talks wirelessly to the shoe sensor, displays metrics, and transfers data to the computer via USB &mdash in the toilet. Of course, I have myself to blame for it, mostly &mdash I was flinging my right arm across my left to shut the door, and accidentally knocked the Sportband link off its cradle on the armband and right into the bowl. But I had noticed in the last couple of months of running with it that the link did have a tendency to fall off the armband. It popped out several times in the past when stripping layers mid-run, and I had to lean over to pick it up and clip it back into place. This time, though, I made an executive decision not to fish the Sportband link out of the park toilet &mdash if I was at home, probably, but not in this dinky parking lot stall where there's no soap dispenser and no knowing what's been down in that deep dirty hole before this. I explained what happened to a customer service rep when I got home, and he said that if it's within 30 days of purchase he could replace it with a new one. That's nice! Image by smi23le via Flickr

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11 Responses to My Nike+ Sportband fell in the toilet

  1. Gloria says:

    That’s actually quite nice of Nike.

    I once dropped my copy of Virgil in the toilet. Not as pricey, but it wasn’t terribly savvy either.

  2. Tovi says:

    Get RunKeeper or RunKeeper Pro if you have an iPhone. Much much better than Nike+.

  3. gastronaut says:

    Wow. You used “lug” and “nano” in the same sentence.

    I run with an 80GB ipod classic strapped to my arm, and it’s still delightfully slim and light compared to the cassette walkman I used to run with as a kid.

  4. felsby says:

    Isn´t internet fantastic? Broadcasting anything to the world!
    gotta go. Must brush a hair off my shirt.

  5. dculberson says:

    Seriously, would anyone here have fished this thing out of a public park toilet? Seriously? That’s disgusting. You couldn’t pay me $1000 to do that. And I’m pretty f’in far from rich.

    Dalek, did you miss the part where this is a public toilet? And did you mean “lid?” Because the seat doesn’t block a whole lot. ;-)

  6. Speaking of toilets, this is THE weirdest form of advertisement I’ve ever seen. I guess you could atleast call him “creative”….for lack of a better or more accurate term.

  7. te he he. I did a similar thing while cycle touring in northern BC. Except in my case it was our only can of bear spray (knocked out of the pocket on the back of my cycling jersey- no calling for a replacement! Some ingenuity with a tent pole and a bungie cord and we fished it out. Even have a picture!:

  8. Felix Mitchell says:

    must be nice to have so much money you can drop stuff and not pick it up

    personally I would stick my hand around the u-bend to retrieve anything worth more than $20.

  9. dalek g says:

    ummm… keep the seat down?

  10. Gloria says:

    @9: Exactly.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Too bad it didn’t have GPS. You could have tracked it through the sewer system. Probably wouldn’t want it back after that though.

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