New Sport: Stand-Up Paddle Skiing

Stand-up paddle boarding, for those who don't know, involves balancing upright on a thick, buoyant surfboard while using a one-sided paddle to propel yourself through the water, and even catch waves. "SUP" has been around for years, but is getting more and more popular, as evident by Laird Hamilton's championing the sport over at Gizmodo. Looking to push the sport even further, Jason Starr of Colchester, Vermont spent the last five years working and refining his design for stand-up paddle skiing, which is exactly as it sounds and looks in the pic above: riding atop two skis while using a double-sided, kayak-style paddle. Jason's even patented the idea. And not just the apparatus and design for the skis, but even the "method" itself, including — wait for it — the use of a jet ski to tow into surf on the skis.
surf ski.jpg
surfski 2.jpg
Should any adventurous surfer gets sued for attempting to hang 10 on skis it'll be a total bummer. [via InventVermont via Post Surf]
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10 Responses to New Sport: Stand-Up Paddle Skiing

  1. benr says:

    I can see a bunch of pulled and ripped groin muscles!
    This guy is a lawsuit waiting to happen!

  2. coop says:

    This proves (as if we needed any more proof) that the patent office is filled with the people too stupid to work at the Apple iPhone App Store Accept/Reject desk.


  3. randall says:

    anything that annoys surfers is fine with me :-)

  4. shmengie says:

    stuff like this always makes me think: just because we can, does that mean we should?

  5. Ski Meribel says:

    It looks quite odd, almost as if they are trying to surf but are afraid to stand up properly and give it a proper go!

  6. soar says:

    That looks pretty damn cool. I’d love to try.

  7. Anonymous says:

    you annoy me randall ya goat boater!!

  8. I can totally see all of the surfers getting pissed off a the every thought of this.
    New Jersey driving arrest

  9. . says:

    who the fuck cares?

  10. ESQ says:

    Absolutely stupid.

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