Snakeguardz Are Also Bulletproof!

CrackShot's Snakeguardz are $70 gaiters made from tough, 1000-Denier nylon. They not only keep snakes from slithering up your pant legs, but prevent bites. Cool stuff, but even cooler is the fact Ben Meadows says the gaiters are "strong enough to stop a 12-gauge shotgun blast at 20 yards." I would hate to be the dude who tests these.* *Yes, I realize no one actually wears them and gets in the line of fire.
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9 Responses to Snakeguardz Are Also Bulletproof!

  1. strider_mt2k says:

    Sci-Fi cosplay just got a little easier too.

  2. randalll says:

    Wouldn’t shotgun pellets from 20 yards away spread out enough to take out your unprotected knees?

  3. kws says:

    40 pellets in a 12ga buckshot load? That’s a very small shot load that’s often not commercially available #4 buckshot is smallest that you can often find and that usually consists of 27-30 6mm lead balls – bigger and higher velocity that standard .22lr loads, so they will penetrate much more effectively than a .22lr could ever hope to. The most common self defense load uses 00 buck and consists of 9 8.4mm lead balls with a muzzle velocity of 1300+ fps. It it could stop a blast from that, it would be impressive.

  4. Nick says:

    thats not really all that bullet proof.. shotgun rounds tend to lose their ‘oomph’ at distance

  5. RedShirt77 says:

    How often are people getting snake bites and shot in the ankle?

    I guess it only take once for these things to pay for themselves.

  6. The_Jackal says:

    Poor Ned Kelly, a few decades too late for you.

  7. stan hope says:

    useful for zombie defense as well

  8. Secret_Life_of_Plants says:

    I would like a translucent, somewhat glowy, total body anti-tick force-field.

  9. Harrkev says:

    The general rule of thumb is that a shotgun blast spreads one inch per yard (more or less, depending on choke and load, but this is a good starting guideline). So, for a 20-foot distance, you can expect a spread of 20 inches. If your buddy is shooting at the snake that is trying to bite you, is is reasonable.

    However, a “12-gauge shotgun blast” is pretty non-specific. A slug is the most powerful load, but that turns the shotgun into a rifle. The most powerful shotgun load that is still a “shotgun” is buckshot. Each pellet will have roughly the size and power of a .22 LR load (probably a little more). What makes shotguns so devastating is that you get about 40 or so of these pellets. One 12-guage buckshot blast is like getting shot with 40 .22 bullets all at once.

    If these gaiters can actually stop buckshot (which is unlikely), then it barely qualifies as “bulletproof.” It is much more likely that it can stop bird shot or field loads. This would allow your friend to take out the snake that is trying to bite you. If this is the case, then these things are by no means “bulletproof”, since I suspect that a .22-short (the weakest commonly available bullet) would probably be able to penetrate.

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