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  1. Rob Beschizza says:

    You may.

  2. rAMPANTiDIOCY says:

    thanks, rob!

  3. TedJohnson says:

    Prototype for the next gen fleshlight?

  4. bkd says:

    Hu-man! I desire to laugh.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I love all of machined steel, analog awesomeness, creeptacular presentation and the Japanese scientist on loan from DEVO.

    But to me it sounds exactly like those toys from the ’50s that you turn upside down and it vaguely goes “moo”.

  6. rAMPANTiDIOCY says:

    may i be the first to say, what the fuck?!

  7. univac says:

    Maywa Denki! Check out more of their nonsense machines.

  8. Reece says:

    Love the scientist guy’s face. He looks like he just realized someone was filming him.

  9. Jay says:


  10. DSMVWL THS says:

    There’s something very sinister about that thing.

  11. Geoff says:

    All I can say is I hope somebody remixes this first to be a solid 5 minutes of nothing but that thing laughing and laughing. I love engineers, so it is with love that I say you can tell engineers made this video, with it’s 2:30 of “here’s how it works! and only 0:15 of it actually working.

    C’mon, remixers of the world!

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