Apple iPod Announcement: Sept 9th

Apple's set to show off its latest iPod on September 9th @ 10am PST/1PM Eastern. So what's up Jobs' sleeve? [via Gizmodo]
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12 Responses to Apple iPod Announcement: Sept 9th

  1. Ben says:

    I love that your article pic omits the current Shuffle. Zing!

  2. @ HB_DAD says:

    massive ILLEGAL music library???

  3. TJ S says:

    My predictions:

    Touch and Nano both get cameras, microphones.

    No more classic.

    “iPod Touch” becomes just “iPod”

    Nano gets a 16×9 touchscreen, loses the clickwheel, gets bump to 16gb/32gb.

    Touch (iPod) gets bumped to 32gb/64gb, with the 64 on a delayed release (maybe 2 week wait), because it was included at the last minute to gain an edge over ZuneHD.

  4. ginshirou says:

    “The iPhone 3GS is a great phone, and a great experience. It’s fast, it’s functional, and it has the world’s largest collection of mobile software.

    But say you like the smaller form factor and storage of an iPod Touch. Or what if you already have a phone you like, or a service provider you prefer? What if you want mobile data, but don’t need mobile telephone service?

    That’s why we’ve included CDMA and quad-band GSM radios and an unlocked SIM card in every iPod. Now every pocket – on every carrier, everywhere – can have the iPhone data experience in any size and configuration they want, and every iPod can connect you to the world anywhere, at any time.”

    It’s a pipe dream, but it’d make quite a splash, eh?

  5. iamanumlaut says:

    And on September 9th, Rock Band: The Beatles and the remastered Beatles catalog also get released.I wonder if there might be one more thing…..

  6. Evan says:

    I agree with HB_DAD, except I’ve had way more than my 160gb classic can hold for a good 6 months now. It’s really a pain to have to go through and select what goes on and what doesn’t. I would be sorely disappointed in a 180gb. 200+ is what it needs to be. I was completely shocked when they did away with the 160gb. I mean, 120gb is just not even close to being enough for anyone that listens to more than just what’s played on the radio. I’d like a 250gb (I know it won’t happen right now) so that I could at least put everything I have back on it and have some room to grow. I think eliminating the large capacity iPod would be the worst movie Apple could make. They are really the only ones in that category. I think the touch is cool, and i’d be a fun toy, but as far as a music storage device, 32gb (even if they up it to 64gb) is just not gonna cut it.

  7. Zan says:

    Here are my predictions:

    Shuffle: One of three things here — either the line is eliminated, the design goes back to a device with built-in controls, or Apple goes the other direction and integrates the iPod directly into the headphones. Whatever it is, I can see them announcing it in nine colors to tie it into the 09-09-09 date.

    Nano: Given how flash prices have been dropping, I suspect a memory and battery boost bringing it more in line with the iPod Classic. Maybe a camera, although I doubt it’ll be the autofocus one from the 3GS. They could also do this one in nine colors.

    Classic: I agree with TJ S. Given how cheap flash is becoming, the hard drive based iPod’s days are numbered. If they don’t eliminate the line, I don’t expect many improvements.

    Touch: The camera is pretty much a given. A speed boost and magnetometer to match the 3GS would be nice too.

  8. ChibiR says:

    After the success of the new Shuffle, the Nano will also lose its main interface and will be operated through the headphone controls. Yes, including the camera.

    As for serious predictions, I dunno. I guess the camera for the Touch/Nano is pretty much guaranteed, and beyond that, I guess just some basic tweaking and storage bumps.

  9. Agies says:

    Sigh, another company tries to steal the thunder of the Dreamcast’s 10th anniversary.

  10. Enochrewt says:

    World Domination, that’s what is up Steve’s sleeve.

  11. the lost emperor says:

    I will also be extremely annoyed if there is no larger capacity iPod, but that’s what all the strongest rumors are at this point. Having sold me on the concept of a portable music library, I feel as though Apple has pulled a bait-and-switch on me. I purchased my car stereo system primarily because it was designed for browsing the iPod from the dash, which has me fairly locked in to the iPod platform, making it non-trivial for me to switch to another platform with more capacity, such as Archos. I’ve toyed with the idea of having more than one iPod, but that is a music library management nightmare, especially with iTunes. Seriously, by now we should have a 320 GB iPod, especially given the increased amount of video that is being consumed. I am bitter.

  12. HB_Dad says:

    If Apple dumps the Classic and doesn’t offer an alternative with AT LEAST 180GB, I will be disappointed! I am down to my last 12GB on my 160GB iPod classic and need a new model that can hold my massive music library..

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