The Black Diamond Sprinter, a headlamp for traveling night runners

Some people like to run in the morning. Others like to run in the mid-afternoon. Yet others wait until the sun goes down to hit the pavements &mdash maybe because the air is cooler and streets are emptier, or they're just too busy during daylight. Black Diamond's new Sprinter headlamp that could be a lifesaver for the latter, especially if you're a night runner who travels a lot. The Sprinter has an adjustable but very-bright-at-its-max beam that extends up to 54 feet so you don't run into anything, and a flashing red LED on the back so nothing runs into you. The neatest thing about the Sprinter is that it's rechargeable, and comes with three additional outlet plugs for when you're traveling overseas. The Sprinter hits stores next month and costs $80. [Black Diamond Equipment]

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3 Responses to The Black Diamond Sprinter, a headlamp for traveling night runners

  1. Maximum burntime is an estimated 30H with the new BD Sprinter, and again, it features a rechargeable lithium polymer battery.

    While the Sprinter is not as light as an ION(100g w/battery to the Ion’s 23g without battery), it throws more than twice the light (50m to the Ion’s 22m) and has the red taillight strobe for visibility in urban areas with an on/off switch. Really they are completely different headlamps…the Ion is more of a backup, ultralight light headlamp while the Sprinter is the streets-to-trails runner’s headlamp with excellent fore-aft balance and a super low profile.

  2. karrock says:

    That Sprinter looks HUGE and heavy!! More like a high powered headlamp. I wouldn’t run in that thing if they paid me — something along the lines of the ultralight Ion is more a runner’s speed.

  3. Bennett says:

    As though my Vibram fivefingers shoes don’t already make me look goofy enough.

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