Otamatone, Maywa Denki's newest invention

Novmichi Tosa, the man who runs the kooky briliant art unit Maywa Denki, has invented a new musical instrument called the Otamatone, which is shaped like a musical note (or a tadpole) and sounds kind of like a theremin. It has cute little mouth and a long tail that functions as a keyboard. This video is in Japanese, but you can get a feel for how the instrument works and what a lovely man Mr. Tosa is. Watch him play a Japanese children's tune about singing frogs two minutes into the clip. The Otamatone is currently in production and is slated to sell in Japan starting at the end of this month. [Maywa Denki main page via TokyoMango]

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10 Responses to Otamatone, Maywa Denki's newest invention

  1. JamesPadraicR says:

    It’s more like a

  2. Anonymous says:

    Since it has eyes, I think tadpole is the correct choice.

  3. Chris Kale says:

    Bravo, it’s very creative

  4. Hank says:

    The Hendrix-esque Star Spangled Banner at the end was beyond awesome.

  5. Niz says:

    Otamatone reminds me of Sandara Park. no offense, im huge fan of “Dara” of 2NE1 (Kpop group).
    awesome gadget!!! i dont find its sound creepy, its cute though. Dara must have one like this. is it only available in Japan? i will give that to her as my present. ^_^

  6. skoog says:

    here is a another very cool new instrument ( I say its cool cos I and another chap invented it!)

    Its here – its available


    see other demos on the blog or youtube channel skoogmusic
    music for everyone

    doc schog

  7. mdclarinet says:

    By “tadpole”, you mean “sperm”, right?

  8. ClaMs says:

    “Auld Lang Syne” is a rock song?

  9. IS there a name for that style of coat he is wearing? Tradesmen/industrial workers in japan all have those jackets (and generally matching pants) in diff colors but the same basic design Japan-wide. I think they’re great. Where I can I find them in Tokyo?

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