BBG's Live-Tweeting the Apple Event today

It's that time again, one of those rare few days of the year when all gadget bloggers leave their home offices and head out to downtown San Francisco to bask in the excitement that is... an Apple event! This year, I'll be joining the flock too, congregating with the rest to see what's in store. Our heads are filled with important questions that will only be answered in the secret no-video-allowed conference room in the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts between 10 and 11am — Will the original iPod go extinct? What will the new Nano look like? Could this be the debut of the enigmatic tablet? Will Steve Jobs make a comeback? Who could the musical guest possibly be at an event titled It's Only Rock and Roll? And perhaps most importantly, who will live blog the fastest? Will it be Gizmodo or Engadget or Ars or GDGT or.... well, it definitely won't be us, because we're not live blogging it, but I will be live-Tweeting the important details — plus some random trivia, factoids, and observations on the whole fiasco — from ground zero. So keep up-to-date by following me on Twitter or checking back here for updates to this post. Join me as the mysteries unfold — it's gonna be fun! Follow our live-Tweetage of the Apple event

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I'm a contributing editor here at Boing Boing. I also have a blog (TokyoMango), a book (Urawaza), and I freelance for Wired, Make, the NY Times Magazine, PRI's Studio360, etc. I'm @tokyomango on Twitter.
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6 Responses to BBG's Live-Tweeting the Apple Event today

  1. Professor says:

    It seems like the only thing you guys bother to talk about anymore is apple. Only apple. How’s about less apple and more of everything else?

  2. word_virus says:

    Flocks don’t congregate. They flock.

  3. PlushieSchwartz says:

    Live-Tweeting? Tweeting is live already.

  4. dculberson says:

    Flocks flock and congregations congregate, but maybe a grouping of flocks is a congregation?

  5. Rob Beschizza says:


  6. sworm says:

    Apparently Norah Jones is rock and roll.

    I think that says it all doesn’t it?

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