Photos of Steve Jobs and his new Nano

Here are a few pics of Steve Jobs announcing the new Nano and its sweet new features at this morning's Apple event, taken with my G10. (Not bad for a point-and-shoot!)
This is what the Genius Mixes will look like.
This was from a demo of the new video camera on the Nano. The resolution is awesome, but a quick hands-on after the announcement revealed what in my opinion is a pretty big design flaw — the camera is right behind the control pad, which means you really have to make an effort not to cover the lens with your fingers while shooting.
This is a screen shot from a new ad, which you'll probably see on TV soon.

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10 Responses to Photos of Steve Jobs and his new Nano

  1. haineux says:

    Hey BILLLAKE50, there are bluetooth earbuds. Etymotic makes, apparently, a pretty good pair.

    Except for the fact that they are quite expensive, and their excellent drivers cannot really make up for the fact that bluetooth audio is not exceptionally hi-fi.

    But hey, if the cord REALLY bugs you, you can spend $130 and get these. Or get their 6i model, with a cord, for $70.

  2. Have the previous Gen and think its great! Would a radio and video camera make me upgrade? probably not…

  3. O_M says:

    …iPod Nano. Just say na-NO!

  4. Hami says:

    I was expectin cameras in iPod Touch .. did we got it ?

  5. Joe says:

    This really needs the ability to shoot still images. The camera on my phone is awful, and i don’t always feel like lugging around my dslr.

  6. Chris S says:

    Much as the “camera behind control pad” has its problems, I suspect the thickness of the screen electronics and the thinness of the Nano made this inevitable.

    Perhaps the way around this is to adopt a horizontal approach with the Nano, and hold the edges only with fingers, pushing the buttons with the thumb.

    If Apple *really* has their stuff together, then plugging in a pair of the those headphones with a remote on the line will give you a “remote control” for your video camera.

  7. Seamus says:

    @dculberson: Winamp is free and works well with iPods.

  8. dculberson says:

    O_M: The Nano is a really nice MP3 player. The portability is incredible. My only beef with it is using iTunes to load it up; I really don’t like iTunes.

  9. billlake50 says:

    Why are there no bluetooth ear buds? I hate having that tether wire hanging down in front of me all the time

  10. BritSwedeGuy says:

    So now we’ll also be annoyed by tinny video on the bus and train rather than tinny audio?

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