Apple is not known for messing up its compositions, but to quote John Brownlee on the Apple store's current iPod mockup tableaux, "Either the people holding it have elephantiasis, or this is a photoshop disaster." Compare!

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16 Responses to Shopped!

  1. rocket from the crypt says:

    okay i figured it out…amputee with only the big toe left, IT’S A TOE! sitting on top of someone’s hand of course = nano in between both. done.

  2. bkofford says:

    Maybe they are just using the hand model with large hands again.

  3. daniel.dee says:

    Well, your freakishly small thumbs would explain why you joygasm about the palm-pre with it’s epic fail mash-pad. It’s a beautiful toy that only a 14 year old girl, or a man with pixie thumbs could love.

    No phone should need a dialing wand, but it’s keyboard is even more unusable than the iphone.

    Sorry, but everyone’s darling phone is unusable by the long tail of the bell curve.

  4. Actually they’re ok, but they look like fake just because they’re too HD perfect, like those pictures that are just too perfect and look like renderings.
    Anyway Rob, John was probably too high to notice that it was his parrot holding his iPhone, not him.

  5. Architexas says:

    Yeah, I’m a woman, and even adjusting for my smallish fingers, the image looks ok.

  6. dculberson says:

    Daniel, I have a Pre and big hands. There are plenty of problems with it, but the keyboard isn’t one. Maybe you need to work on your coordination?

  7. blip says:

    Looks right to me.

    You’re really scraping the barrel today.

  8. Brandon West says:

    I really don’t see it. I held up my iPhone just like in the picture, and the proportions are about the same. I also have smallish hands.

  9. woolie says:

    Looks about right, my thumb is actually bigger than in the photo when I hold up my iPhone.

  10. Dan says:

    You think the hands look too large? I don’t know…I don’t really see it.

  11. Rob Beschizza says:

    Brownlee has little pixie fingers.

  12. Trent Hawkins says:

    I didn’t know Fezzik was working for Apple.

  13. Takuan says:

    remember when shopped meant betrayed?

  14. bramo126 says:

    It’s correct, I just compared it to my iPod Touch. Though I do admit it looks wrong in the picture.

  15. redconsensus says:

    Umm…my thumbs are WAY larger than the ones in the iPhone picture…like 150% of the size of those. Now, I’m a man and that’s a woman’s hand but that still looks normal to me.

  16. Rob Beschizza says:

    Just because you can’t tell by the pixels.

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