Review: Two recovery sandals for post-run relief

prepair sole.png
After running 10 miles, even walking on hardwood can feel painful. Enter recovery sandals, or shoes that are designed to let your feet rest after lots of hard work. I've been alternating between these two — the Crocs Prepair (right) and the Sole Sport Flips. The Prepair feels like sticking your feet in jello — it's really that soft. Crocs claims that it reduces peak pressure by up to 50% and peak muscular effort by up to 25%. It's also anti-bacterial, so no musty funky fungus. The problem I have with these is that the fit is not perfect — this could be a problem with the shape and texture of my feet, but if I walk for too long in these the skin between my big toe and second toe starts to chafe. The cushy Croc-y material is definitely great for pain relief though. For athletes who can't afford foot massages after every run, dropping $35 on these is not a bad idea. Sole is a company that mostly makes custom footbeds, so they've applied their expertise on molding and arch support to a good-looking sandal that costs $70 and comes in some really cool color combinations. I love switching from my sweaty kicks into these because they're very light and airy, and even after a long time there's no chafing or hot spots. Did I mention they're approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association?

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2 Responses to Review: Two recovery sandals for post-run relief

  1. Lisa Katayama says:

    You’re right. It’s anti-fungal too.

  2. thefeint says:

    Anti-bacterial isn’t the same as anti-fungal Katayama.

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