LED Apple shirt

Domenico Panacea's Philips Lumalive T-Shirt cost more than €900. You could have bought a refurbished MacBook with that, Mr. Panacea! But then, I guess you already have one. [Cult of Mac]

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7 Responses to LED Apple shirt

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just don’t wear this shirt to the airport in Boston.

    Seriously, 900 euros? I must agree with enochrewt and share the desire to locate this particular fool. Clearly he has money from which he is gladly parted.

  2. Enochrewt says:

    He RENTED this thing? Where’s this flush fool live? He’s begging for a mugging and I’m in need of some quick cash.

  3. hallpass says:

    Don’t wear it to the airport.

  4. nixiebunny says:

    A silkscreen would have cost a bit less.

  5. dculberson says:

    Well, more accurately, borrowing the shirt cost him that much. From the link:

    “Panacea forked over €900 euros (about $1,300) to spend a month with the scintillant shirt.”

    (emphasis mine.)

  6. All it needs to be is:
    1. White, not blue.
    2. Turn on when your iphone starts up
    3. Make a startup sound when you wake up in the morning

    If you do all three then I’d take 2, for 15 dollars. Now that’s fashion.

  7. Hank says:

    Is that an iPhone in your hands, or are you just happy to see me?

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