Walkman NW-A84

Sony's NW-A840 has a 2.8" OLED display and is 7mm thick. I like the physical controls, unfashionable as they may be, when it comes to PMPs: when listening, I'm typically looking at something else (e.g. the road) and don't want the distraction of having to look at a touchscreen. Source [Sony Insider]

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14 Responses to Walkman NW-A84

  1. Tryg says:

    I resist touch controls on a PMP for the same reason. When I am using my iPod (3rd Gen), I never look down at the controls. I know where they are and a lot of the time I use the forward, back, play and stop buttons thru my pants.

  2. Jimbo2K7 says:

    “I like the physical controls, unfashionable as they may be, when it comes to PMPs: when listening, I’m typically looking at something else (e.g. the road) and don’t want the distraction of having to look at a touchscreen.”

    That is why I generally prefer the iPod Classic over the Touch.

    Save the touch screen for the iPhone.

  3. emilydarwinelephant says:

    i don’t think it looks unfashionable. it definetly draws your eyes to it, but it feels almost steampunk-ish, in a creepy way. i like it!

  4. Day Vexx says:

    Through your pants?!

  5. Steve Miller says:

    Mickey Mouse. No, really, see the ears? Of course the start/pause symbols and the dimple below make it look like Mickey, as drawn by Skip Williamson.


  6. daev says:

    I like. Depending on specs, it might actually tempt me to buy a sony product after 10 years (I got tired of the proprietary batteries, formats etc and put them on my do-not-buy list)

  7. So Anyway says:

    It’s effin’ pretty! So nice to see something other than Steve Mobs-approved black or white.

  8. karmacomedian says:

    it makes me want to bust out my intellivision!

  9. J France says:

    There is different for we-don’t-need-to-emulate-your-fucking-ipod’s sake, and then there is this. Different and also THE SEX.

    I want one. Which for Sony usually means it won’t be available in my region.

    And since the only electronic device i carry is now a pager (I shit you not), it seems like I’m a bit overdue for portable music back in my life.

  10. Enochrewt says:

    Why do I have the urge to do rails of coke off of this thing?

  11. Rob Beschizza says:

    “Because you’re a cocaine addict, Peter.”

  12. dargaud says:

    I got a touch-screen phone yesterday (not the overhyped one) and yes, I’m lost. I wonder why nobody in the reviews points out that you can’t for a fucking thing on them without looking at the screen. On my old Nokia I could bike with it in the backpack and actually change music pressing the keys through the fabric of the backpack. And plenty of other tricks like that.

    And I should add that, as someone who regularly punches my coworkers who can’t help but putting their greasy fingers on my PC screens even after repeated warnings, I hate the greasy paths that cover the entire screen and make it unreadable in daylight.


  13. Mister Moofoo says:

    Am I the only one who thinks it looks kind of… Louis Vuitton-ish?

  14. dculberson says:

    Needs a little woodgrain applique on the back.

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