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Painting made w/ iPhone paint app Brushes was shortlisted for The One Show's Summer Exhibit. Link

About Lea Hernandez

Lea is a webcomics pioneer and one of the first American cartoonists to merge manga and American comics aesthetics. She draws Teen Titans Go! for DC Comics, and has also drawn for Marvel, Image, IDW, and Boom! Studios. Lea is currently working on her fifth graphic novel, THE GARLICKS for Action Lab Entertainment.
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  1. Philbert says:

    The wording ‘pass as art’ imply that it is in fact not art. I disagree however. To me, the method of creation of a work is irrelevant, however mundane. If a work is made with inspiration and skill, it is able to communicate or at least evoke an emotion (beauty, anger, fear, whatever) and that makes it art to me.

    I think that the work in question easily fits within my definition of art, I like it a lot.

  2. technogeek says:

    I’m not much of an artist, yet I was able to create a few decent sketches on an app running on my old Palm 3. It’s a matter of working with the medium and having something to say…

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