There is now a hairdryer with Swarovski crystals

signature-series-with-strass-swarovski-crystals_52.jpg At long last.

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3 Responses to There is now a hairdryer with Swarovski crystals

  1. Pixel says:

    And in once again proves that “Swarovski Crystals” is shorthand for “This is going to be ugly and stupid”.

    I have yet to see something with those on it that didn’t look ass-tastic.

  2. arikol says:

    Why can’t they bloody well start with pretty design which can be accented by some sparkle?

    Why always something turd ugly from a crapvendor, then stick a crapton of crystals in unlikely places.

    Beating things with a prettystick does not work. Beauty may only be skin deep, but ugly seems to radiate from the core…

  3. Finally! My platinum mustache trimmer was looking a little long in the tooth.

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