KONG vs. New York reincarnated in flash

Man, these games sucked.

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3 Responses to KONG vs. New York reincarnated in flash

  1. Francesco Fondi says:

    Rob… I hope you don’t mean that Game & Watches sucked…

  2. GeekMan says:

    God, I had a couple of these when I was a kid. They were so awful. The worst thing perhaps was the lag between the display (slow to refresh) and the controls (unresponsive), so when you got into the really tough levels that demanded fast reaction time you were pretty much dead before you could even see the attack you needed to dodge.

    But when your parents won’t buy you a NES, you just have to bite your lip and masochistically bash away at the buttons, hoping for a spot of luck.

  3. popvoid says:

    Oh, I don’t know. I was always rather fond of the one with the babies jumping out the windows of the burning building.

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