PSP Go reviewed and ripped apart

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Sony's renovated Playstation Portable gets its public debut, and performs as expected: it is a smaller, better, less UMD-ey gaming gadget. Ross Miller calls it a sturdy, classier game system but chokes on the mean-spirited marketing gamesmanship that Sony will never, ever realize is bad for its image. "Needless to say, there's still no second analog stick" adds Mark Wilson, who finds its charms dated by newer tech like the ZuneHD. iFixit provides the most interesting coverage, as usual, splaying the machine's insides out for the world to see and understand, a tableux that our future robot masters will doubtless cite in their condemnation of mankind. On the other hand, maybe it is merely an exercise waiting to be recapitulated as art.

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2 Responses to PSP Go reviewed and ripped apart

  1. dculberson says:

    “expandable with a Memory Stick Micro (M2) card”

    Oh yeah, that’s a great idea. Idiots.

  2. phisrow says:

    I’d say that iFixit merely disassembled it, while Gizmodo ripped it apart. (or, to give credit where it is due, Sony dropped the ball and Gizmodo noted the fact)

    Also, there will be no robotic condemnation; but when the “Obsolescent Bipedal Meatsack Teardown” appears, we will have only ourselves to blame.

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