Snow business

Neat fact: about a third of Boing Boing readers use Macs, and of those, 21.28 percent have already upgraded to Snow Leopard. For reference, BBG is at 35.31 percent, Offworld at 27.92 percent, Daring Fireball is at about 60 percent and Macworld reports just over 50 percent. Unfortunately, there is no word yet from the Official Webpage of The Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

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9 Responses to Snow business

  1. Halloween Jack says:

    That would be a much better pic if the irises were the same size, shape and placement… or if the cat had Clippy in his jaws.

  2. Rob Beschizza says:

    Technical quality of artwork not a priority here!

  3. BearsAssaultedByBasil says:

    What are the stats for other OSs?

  4. bex says:

    Al right I admit it I brows BoingBoing on my macbook but for any real computing I use my windows 7 desktop (apart from Audiobook building that is)

    Apple make great laptops its as simple as that.

  5. styrofoam says:

    That’s funny, the thing I liked the most about the picture was just how jacked those irises are.

  6. blip says:

    Why don’t you shut the hell up about it?

  7. stevew says:

    Measure only uptime to be fair 24/7 days:hours. .

  8. says:

    for some reason i find that image creepy…

  9. laotang says:

    …slightly offtopic: don’t forget to check out the (official) North Korean twitter account:

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