Thumbdrive in a cassette tape

Put your sounds on the stick, put the stick inside the ancient-looking cassette tape, then scrawl all over it for verity's sake. 6 different designs, one overwhelming wave of nostalgia. [Suck UK] Thanks, Xeni!

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5 Responses to Thumbdrive in a cassette tape

  1. Sam says:

    Saw this a while ago and got a serious case of sticker shock. They’re $16 on thinkgeek. (used to be $20+) – Which is waaaay too much for a 128 MB drive and some card-stock.

    Has anyone figured out a template for the case? I’d love to be able to print my own and bring a USB drive.

  2. Yreka says:

    I saw these at the Tech Museum (San Jose, CA) and laughed at how overpriced they were. On the sale table, they were still something like $26 for a cardboard case and a 128MB drive. It’s like…wtf?

  3. nixiebunny says:

    Why not just buy a REAL cassette tape and put the songs on it? Then write the song names on its REAL paper label thingie with your retro Bic ball-point pen.

    Because you can still buy REAL cassette tapes for much less than $16 each, and you may know someone with an old beater car with a REAL cassette deck in it that works!

  4. graphicsman says:

    I made one for a buddy as a christmas gift, complete with a tape case and cardboard insert. I got a good deal on the memory stick but an actual tape would have been much less expensive.

  5. mecki says:

    I saw this here about 2 years ago, thought it was a great idea and chopped up an old tape to fit a cheap memory stick. Made for a great christmas gift that year!

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