Report: 30 percent of NYC iPhone calls dropped

It's true that bandwidth is precious -- so precious it must be rationed! So AT&T's "3G" cellular "network" goes, and iPhone users get to enjoy the results: almost a third of all calls placed on the small Apple get dropped in the Big Apple. One user, complaining to Apple after a fifth of his calls fritzed out on NYC, was told that his experience was unusually good. [Gizmodo]

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3 Responses to Report: 30 percent of NYC iPhone calls dropped

  1. Bloodboiler says:

    Blasphemy. iPhone does not drop calls. It gently, but efficiently, places them to the ground while it massages your pros…….

  2. Sean Eric FAgan says:

    How does that compare to other AT&T 3G phones in the area?

    If it’s different, is the difference due to the phone (hardware or software), or the carrier treating it differently?

  3. Apreche says:

    I don’t know about calls being dropped. However, the data network sucks ass. I work a few blocks north of Times Square. Even if the phone says it has full bars of 3G, sometimes the data just doesn’t work at all, and I get the No/Slow Internet message.

    I am DEFINITELY switching when this contract is over in 6 months, and it’s primarily because AT&T sucks. Also, Android is looking better and better.

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