Power On Self Test: Skyscraper Bridge

From one commenter: "Transportation on the project seems to be neglected." Illustrator: Raymond Hood (1929) SKYSCRAPER BRIDGES [BLDGBLG]

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6 Responses to Power On Self Test: Skyscraper Bridge

  1. Jim A. says:

    This project* is one of many featured in the fascinating book Unbuilt America by Alison Sky and Michelle Stone (1976)

    *More of an idea, really.

  2. Anonymous says:

    can’t you see the monorail passes THROUGH the buildings?
    You guys can’t handle the FUTURE


    Flying cars, hello!

  4. kehoemj says:

    University of Richmond does something like that.

  5. toxonix says:

    I was thinking bridges between skyscrapers. like why take an elevator DOWN to go next door when you could go UP?

  6. chroma says:

    Obviously the street runs through the center.

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