The original IBM Thinkpad

THINK-III.jpg From Continous Lean, via Daring Fireball.

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7 Responses to The original IBM Thinkpad

  1. Chris Tucker says:

    Yes! I am so getting one of these from the logo website.

  2. Nader says:

    Pretty Cool!

  3. rossgrady says:

    Yep! As a commenter points out at Continuous Lean, we can still get pleather ones from the IBM logo store.

    I don’t know when the first one was handed out, but here’s another, different-looking example:

    I probably have one in my desk at work if you want one, Rob.

  4. Gutierrez says:

    I actually still have one of these that I use to jot notes on.

    Anyone know where you might be able to find paper refills to fit the thing?

  5. Rob Beschizza says:

    Yes! rob at b b net :)

  6. Mousie says:

    I am SO waiting to inherit one of those from my father.

    Heck, maybe I should just ask him for it. :)

  7. technogeek says:

    And, yes, that is why the laptops were called “thinkpads.”

    There is no truth the the rumor that a waterproof and buoyant version was considered, to be known as the thwimpad.

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