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Alan Graham

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Today, lunch from our backyard:

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Having chickens (over) for lunch.

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Bacon flavored vodka.

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Chicken Movie!

Review: 6 Months with Kwikset Smartscan Biometric Deadbolt


Kwikset's own benefit list (pdf file) for this product includes five main selling points. Let's review them one at a time, shall we?…

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More photos of our chickens (6 days later)

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RT @joshspear: Want to send me a birthday gift? Lets build a well together:

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Homemade patio mister in action.

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M a d e a p a t i o m i s t e r w i t h o f f t h e s h e l f p l a n t m i s t …

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@ r h a g e n a s a P o r t l a n d e r ( n o w ) I ' m a b i g D e c e m b e r …