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Recently on Offworld: Quarrel's magic wool, Monkey Island in Crysis, the best of BlipFest


Topping our list of anticipated Xbox Live Arcade games but still off too many radars elsewhere, Offworld returns from a day at Scotland-based Denki with a behind the scenes look at the making of their upcoming word-battler Quarrel (above), from …

Recently on Offworld: Elite turns 25, Left 4 Teletubbies, Indies Invade Austin


With the launch of Retro Remakes on Offworld, we started a straw poll to ask: what's the one remake you'd most like to see appear on consoles or handhelds, with the results to be tabulated and published at …

Recently on Offworld: Nintendo's holiday lineup, Marian moves, Angry Dad the Game


Recently on Offworld we took an in-depth look at the games coming to both Wii and DS throughout the beginning of 2010 that you should be paying attention to (above), including new versions of Maxis's Spore -- which has just …

Recently on Offworld: New Indie Hotness, the sniper and the spy, Tetris in 3D


With Austin's Game Developers Conference fully underway, Offworld's got updates on a few of the Indie Games Summit sessions nearest and dearest to its heart, with my own 'New Indie Hotness' show and tell (above), where I ran …

Recently on Offworld: Beatles go 8-bit, Dreamcast gets a new game, let concept artists rule


Is the games industry missing an opportunity to let concept artists rule the roost? In his latest Ragdoll Metaphysics column, Jim Rossignol points to both success stories and missed opportunities where letting artists spearhead the game either did bring …

Recently on Offworld: Catan on iPhone, Canabalt on iPhone, cigar-chomping he-Links


Recently on Offworld, German developer Exozet revealed not only the first screenshot for the upcoming official iPhone version of Catan, but also opened a limited number of beta applications to the public, meaning you might be getting your …

Recently on Offworld: Comic jumping, three for the Wii, Metroid in Lego


Even with yesterday's holiday, we still caught up on some of the weekend's biggest news from PAX or otherwise, as Twisted Pixel -- the indie dev behind the recent fantastic one-button Xbox Live Arcade platformer Splosion Man -- unveils Comic

Recently on Offworld: Vectorpark on iPhone, PAX info influx, sex lives of Famicom programmers


Recently on Offworld, this weekend's Penny Arcade Expo opening has brought with it a tidal wave of new game details and announcements: Ubisoft crosses Splinter Cell with Keyboard Cat, Grasshopper's No More Heroes 2 goes 8-bit (on purpose), …

Recently on Offworld: from girl geek to Godwin's Law, Spelunky goes console, Bonk returns


Quick -- how many games in the industry's long history can you name with a female lead? In her latest One More Go column, Margaret Robertson says the fact that we "run out of entries for the Great Gaming

Recently on Offworld: stunt-man simulators, return of the M.U.L.E., Wii Opera set free


Officially now back at my Offworld post (following a long break away to the Bay Area, that, most excitingly, saw me complete the first leg of the journey through the infinitely fascinating reality game The Jejune Institute), we return …