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Recently on Offworld: meet the Metroid makers, the average gamer makeup, crawling DS dungeons


With Nintendo's Metroid Prime Trilogy -- all three Metroid Prime games collected on a single disc and updated with Wii controls -- just released this week, we spent the day with Austin-native developer Retro Studios to learn how the classic …

Recently on Offworld: Valve talks Left 4 Dead, Metroid goes metal, Elvis goes techno on DS


Could the Left 4 Dead and Half-Life universes ever converge into one uber-Valve-geography? In Jim Rossignol's latest Ragdoll Metaphysics column, Left 4 Dead writer Chet Faliszek has said the idea's at least been internally bandied about, as part of …

Recently on Offworld: PS3 slims, Plants Vs. Zombies the shirt, Miles Davis in 8-bits


The biggest news recently on Offworld will have been Sony's announcement of a new $299 Slim-model PS3 (though with the caveat that it no longer supports Linux), and the additional follow up news of its 'minis' line of smaller,

Recently on Offworld: inside the games factory, the job-quitting game, Pong in the streets


If you've been long-suffering under the assumption that games are created in a mashup of impalpable art and science, our latest high-res gallery on Offworld will prove you wrong, as we go inside the factory workshops where your favorite games

Recently on Offworld: a more social Nintendo, more DS blood diamonds, time ufck'd pathos puzzling


Recently on Offworld we've had a good slate of indie devs giving us a deeper look into some of the games already high on our most-wanted lists: chief among them is Castle Crashers devs The Behemoth officially beginning to reveal …

Recently on Offworld: spinning & sleuthing in Spider, web-based meta-gaming, AI-controlled Mario


It seems as though as the App Store game entries grows exponentially, our true, heartfelt suggestions have dropped off inversely, but recently on Offworld we made one of our strongest, most unreserved recommendations yet with Spider: The Secret of Bryce

Recently on Offworld: Kochalka on Game Boy, conflict diamonds on DS, knock-off Pokemon


Recently on Offworld, American Elf artist James Kochalka dropped in to let us preview Robot Shark, one of the songs off his latest album Digital Elf, created entirely with Nanoloop on his Game Boy Advance, and we discovered …

Recently on Offworld: an ode to the jetpack, rusted steampunk adventures, Tetris bejeweled


Recently on Offworld, our Ragdoll Metaphysics columnist Jim Rossignol takes us through an illustrated history of one of videogames' best mechanical conceits: the jetpack. From The Stamper Brothers' original JetPac, to Exile, to Tribes, Jetpack

Recently on Offworld: lusty zombies galore, new game from Braid dev, AI controlled Mario


Recently on Offworld, Valve announced another infected incidence with Crash Course (above), a new downloadable campaign for the original Left 4 Dead due in September that will bridge the No Mercy and Death Toll episodes with an entirely new …

Recently on Offworld: word play, Deadmau5 meets Zelda, Langdell v. Mobigame


Recently on Offworld we played with words in two ways: first, by downloading our latest iPhone obsession, NewToy's Friends With Words, as svelte and streamlined as an online-multiplayer Scrabble-alike we've played, and as perfect (read: dangerously addictive) as the …